Private investigation

Private investigators aren’t usually hired when life is going well, but our clients choose us in these difficult situations because we are a true partner and we commit to act diligently, ethically, and discreetly no matter how big or small the case.


Our leadership alone has more than 25 years of experience in the field, making us the most experienced investigative firm operating out of York County, South Carolina. We have learned a lot of lessons from the thousands of investigations we’ve been party to and while every situation is unique, we have identified proven methods of success that our licensed investigators implement in every case we work.


21st century problems call for 21st century tools. Our team has access to and training in the cutting-edge tools, technology, and techniques of today.


Communication is at the foundation of any successful investigation and we keep you up-to-speed on your case every step of the way. Our team has implemented an intuitive reporting system that organizes information in an easy-to-digest format so you don’t have to waste time sifting through pages of poorly documented notes and findings. We are also excited to be working on a client portal that will put all of your case details in a secure, online platform for you to access anytime and from anywhere.

  • Criminal Investigation

  • Domestic Investigation

  • Civil Investigation

  • Insurance Investigation

  • Workers Compensation Investigation

  • Courier Service

  • Process Service

  • Garment Infidelity Testing

  • Surveillance

  • Computer & Cell Phone Forensics

  • Background Checks

  • Driver’s History

  • Drug ID

  • Employee Theft

  • Asset Location

  • Polygraph

  • Missing Persons

  • Trial Strategy

  • Trial Consultation

  • Drone Surveillance

  • Aerial Photography